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The following pages are a summary of some past climbing exploits, starting with Mount Aconcagua. This mountain stands at nearly 23,000 feet. It is the highest mountain outside of the Himalayas and Is often attempted by climbers in preparation for a Mount Everest bid. I climbed it in February 2000 .

My Aconcagua expedition was a tremendous experience and I would like to share some of the highlights of my 3 week trip here.

Before the trip
About 2 weeks before leaving for Aconcagua, my car was stolen. The theft was all the more serious for me because I happened to have my climbing pack in the trunk with every single piece of gear I was to bring to Argentina...
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ACONCAGUA; The approach, Day One
I traveled for 34 hours by plane and automobile from my home in Montreal to be standing at the foot of Mt. Aconcagua in Argentina. This was the beginning of the next two weeks of my life...
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Base Camp, Day Four
As we approached base camp, looking up the valley, we had a fantastic view of Aconcagua and its summit.  It towers the surrounding mountain peaks. You can see the normal cloud movements obstructed by this great mountain; smashing into its face and rolling over the top....
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The First Carry, Day Six
Yesterday's rest day was quite uneventful, which was just how we wanted it. We relaxed, read, ate well, drank a lot of fluids, and checked out our gear once again. We would drink on average 4 to 5 litres of water a day...
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First Move, Day Eight
We took our second rest day yesterday, after carrying our load up to camp 1 the day before. It was very important to plan enough time to acclimatize during the expedition.  About 4,000 people attempt Aconcagua each year, but less than 25% reach it's summit...
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Carrying back to back, Day Nine
Well today, we felt strong and the weather was again just right. So as planned, we skipped our rest day and carried our gear up to camp 2. We climbed the 3,000 feet in under four hours, a very good time.  I had to fight off a headache however that started about one hour into the climb...
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Moving up, Day Eleven
We were very fortunate in our timing because yesterdays rest day fell on bad weather. We woke up to high winds, clouds and eight inches of fresh snow. We rested comfortably in our tent all day...
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The Traverse, Day Twelve
This was the tough day! We had moved up from 16,000 to 19,000 feet yesterday, and did the traverse today to 19,500 ft. We packed all of our gear for the traverse, since we weren't coming back this way...
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Going for the Top! Day Thirteen
Today was the day... we woke up at 3 a.m. and started checking the weather. It was very cloudy and windy.  I thought our luck had finally run out. I would always have this fear inside that after all the preparations, effort and time spent on the mountain; the weather would ultimately decide our fate and not our own abilities...
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