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Presented to more than 75,000 spectators...

Francois Langlois is Quebec's third Climber to reach the top of Mount Everest. Since his 2001 expedition. He has had the opportunity to give numerous presentations of his Everest adventure, as well as share the lessons of life that he has learnt. Francois offers his presentation to the corporate and academic world.

Francois has summarized his Everest experience to produce an outstanding and unique multimedia presentation. He relates the trials and tribulations of climbing a Mountain like Everest to each person's Individual Mountain of success. His objective is to inspire the spectators to believe in their dreams, to persevere and surpass life's obstacles. He can also incorporate your company's philosophies and values in the presentation, as well as emphasize to the audience a specific message or theme. He effectively demonstrates the numerous similarities and lessons to be learned from the world of mountaineering to everyday life; i.e DISCIPLINE, CALCULATED RISK, PATIENCE!

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