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Presented to more than 75,000 spectators...

My name is Francois Langlois; I am Quebec's third Climber to reach the top of Mount Everest.

Since my expedition in 2001, I have had the opportunity to give many presentations to schools on my Everest adventure, as well as share the lessons of life that I learned. I offer my presentation to the corporate world, but also to the academic world, at a very affordable pricing, considering the tight school budgets.

My goal is to inspire the students, to believe in their dreams, to persevere and overcome the obstacles they face in life. My presentation can be well integrated to the teacher's curriculum.

I am offering my services as motivational speaker to the students of your school district.

It is an excellent visual and audio presentation of 60 to 90 minutes for students ranging from grade 3 to 11.

I invite you to read the comments and testimonials of teachers that have offered my presentation to their students. I also invite you to read the various student comments. I am always touched by how the students are captivated by my presentation. It is very rewarding to see the spark in their eyes as they realize that Yes, they can go after their dreams. I made a promise at the top of Everest to share my experience with kids. I believe that inciting children to believe in their dreams and push a little harder is a great way of keeping my promise.

Please contact me for further details and inquiries.

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