Mt Elbrus
5633 meters ( 18,480 feet)

On January 27, 2008, I climbed the highest peak in Europe: Mount Elbrus (18,480 feet). This was really a fun and fast climb! It was quite special for me because I made a new climbing friend along the way, Yuri Pavlof. And we climbed Elbrus in winter! I didn't know it at the time but Yuri enlightened me that although Elbrus is climbed often in summer, it is rarely attempted in winter, due to the VERY HARSH climbing conditions, that I would soon experience! Read below the short story of our climb and summit of Mount Elbrus.

Although I have searched the climbing archives and the internet, to my knowledge, I think I am the first Quebecker if not Canadian to have climbed Elbrus in winter! I am proud of this climb; it reminded me a lot of Everest; the night I attempted my summit bid!