Mt Kilimanjaro
Over $200,000 raised for the Make-A-Wish Foundation

Eight years after summiting Mount Everest, I had the pleasure of returning to this wonderful region of Nepal. I had promised myself that I would come back one day, not to climb once again Mount Everest, but just to experience fully the first part: The Trek to Base Camp; crossing paths with the Buddhists, the Sherpa’s, the Monasteries and the whole experience!!!

What made this adventure all the more special for me, is that at the same time, I got to lead a group of wonderful trekkers to live their dream of going to Everest Base Camp, while raising money for sick children.

Here are the Photos and Webisodes for you to enjoy. My trekkers had great obstacles to overcome in achieving their goal. Although 23 of 25 trekkers made it to Everest Base Camp at 17,500 feet, everybody succeded! Congratulations to my group!

A special thanks to 2 good friends: Eddie and Amy Frank from Tusker Trail, the biggest and safest Outfitter on Kilimanjaro! Eddie & Amy were my terrific medical guides for this expedition

Photos: Courtesy of my trekkers! Thank you to my team, as you know and saw, I was quite busy running around and leading the expedition, so no time for photos of my own. Anyway, I enjoy more reliving our adventure through the eyes of my trekkers, so will you.

Videos: Thank you to Bertrand Guay.

Make a Wish Episode 3
Make a Wish Episode 5
Make a Wish Episode 10