Macchu Picchu

Greetings everyone!

Now that I got to realise my dream of climbing the seven summits as well as my promises of helping to raise money for sick children, I am often asked : "What will you do now?" "What's left?" Well, there is plenty left!! I peeked into my "Bucket list" to see what other adventures lay waiting. Soooooo... this May , I am off to lead a trek to the ancient and lost Inka civilization: I am taking 15 trekkers to Machu Picchu in Peru !! And again, this trek is to benefit charity: Kids with Cancer at the Charles Bruneau Foundation. My group and I have started our training program and we are quite excited by this amazing adventure that awaits. Stay tune, because as usual, I will share our journey in photos and video, right here towards the end of May.

Mount Vinson Antarctica

Greetings friends, colleagues and viewers,

Well, after ten years of following my quest, I arrive at the final stage of my journey in climbing the famous Seven Summits (the highest mountain on each continent). So I head out this November 23rd to Antarctica, The SouthPole, to climb Mount Vinson. If I succeed, I will be among less than 300 climbers on earth to have completed the seven summits. I have had the privilege and honour of living an incredible journey these last ten years; the people I have met, the climbers and trekkers I have guided, the friends for life I have made, the places and cultures I have seen, and the money for the sick children I have helped raise. It has been a wonderful experience so far and I look forward to this next and last step: going to the continent 1.5 times the size that of the United States, but has no permanent resident. I am going to the most inhospitable place on earth, made of 98% ice and yet the driest place as well. The average temperature in summer is -30 degrees Celsius ! We don't go there in winter!!!

And as usual, I will be climbing to benefit the sick children, The Charles Bruneau Children's cancer center.

Stay tune and do follow my progress daily with photos and dispatches on my website... Starts November 23rd...

Also, if you would like to share in my journey, please take a moment and visit this link to the Charles Bruneau Foundation and make a donation, however small. Your donation goes so far here! In the past 20 years, The research & development coming from this Foundation has taken a child with Leukaemia from a 35% survival rate to an 85% survival today! Wow. The ultimate goal is to Close this Foundation, because we reached 100%!!

I would like to pay special mention to my principal partner Manulife Securities in participating with me on my Seventh and last summit. I am very proud to have you, my own firm and colleagues, on-board with me. I look forward to taking our flag to the top of the bottom of the earth! Thank You!

Stay tuned

Dream it, Believe it, Live it!


Mount Vinson Antarctica: The seventh summit!


I have decided to go climb my last of the infamous Seven Summits: Mount Vinson in Antarctica !

I am very much looking forward to completing (attempting that is...) the ascent of this last summit located in such a very remote continent of our planet. I will have visited all the world's continents via its summits, as well as helped raise over $3 million for children's charities during my journeys, my charity climbs and treks. I have honored the promise I made some nine years ago, while standing at the summit of Mount Everest ! Stay tune this coming November for pictures and dispatches from one of the coldest places on earth! Cheers.

3 Summits, 3 Continents, 1 Cause. April 2010

I am pleased to announce that I have accepted to chaperone the next charity climbs for the Charles Bruneau Children?s Cancer Foundation. Next April 2010, we will be leading 3 expeditions simultaneously on 3 of the seven continental summits (the highest summit on each continent). That is: Mount Kilimanjaro of Africa, Mount Elbrus of Europe (in Russia), and the Base Camp of Mount Everest of Asia.

Our objective will be to have all teams summit their mountains at the same time on April 15th, 2010. And obviously, our unified goal is to raise money for our children with cancer. Our goal is $1 million dollars!!

Although I will be chaperoning all 3 climbs, I will personally lead the Mount Everest Base Camp Trek.

HERE?S THE CATCH: If you know the tale of the three Musketeers, you will know that there are actually FOUR Musketeers in the story? Therefore, our fourth Musketeers will be Children with Cancer; our spokespersons, that will climb Mount Royal in Montreal on the exact same day!!! One unified cause!

One for all and all for one!!!

Please check out our Website and follow our adventures ! Stay tuned!

Everest Base Camp May 2009

Next May 2009, I will again be leading a group of 30 trekkers, but this time to Mount Everest Base Camp. Our group will take an incredible journey through the Khumbu Kingdom of Nepal, visit with the Sherpas in the Himalayas, the Buddhist monks and their monasteries and experience a whole different way of life, on the other side of our planet! Once again, we are doing this trek for charity, namely the Make-A-Wish Foundation for children with life threatening illnesses. Please view the following link for more information. If you are interested in joining, there are still a few spots available! . This will be the fourth of my charity climbs, and combined, I will have helped raise over $ 1 million for sick children! Keeping a promise I made at the top of Everest!

Kilimanjaro January 2009

I have agreed for the third time now to return to Kilimanjaro of Africa this coming January. I am helping to prepare and will accompany 14 individuals and 4 celebrities from Quebec, to go live their dream of reaching the top of Africa. And in return, each climber will help raise money for the Charles Bruneau Children?s Cancer Foundation. This climb will be televised, as a camera crew from TVA will also follow us throughout our journey. Do tune in this January 2009!

Carstensz Pyramid October 2008

I have just returned from completing the sixth of my seven summits quest: Climbing and reaching the top of Mount Carstensz in Indonesia; the continent of Oceania?s highest peak. It is the most unique and technically difficult of the seven summits, a fabulous expedition! So do go take a look at the photos and Blog. Also to mention, I also reached the top of Australia?s highest peak while on the other side of our planet, mount Kosciuszko. This was to eliminate the debate of what is the true continent and an excuse for to visit another part of our small world!