Humanitarian Vision

My dad told me a story when I was twelve;

I was born prematurely at 4 pounds, with underdeveloped lungs. Not believing I would live the day, I was therefore baptized right then and there, by the doctor, my dad!

I spent the first 5 weeks of my life in an incubator, dropped to 2 pounds, had multiple blood transfusions, jaundice, basically fighting off a whole slew of illnesses, fighting for my right to stay! 35 years have now gone by and with my fully developed lungs; I had the privilege to set foot a top of the world’s highest mountain; Everest. In those beautiful 15 minutes that I stood there, gazing at our amazing world, I made a promise; to help give back the gift I received.

Here below are a few of the causes that I support. I believe you have to do what passions you in life, while giving back along the way, 100% right to the source. I want to leave this place better then how I found it!

Recently, we found out that the pain in my chest was in fact a 2 pound benign tumor the size of a grapefruit on my left lung. It seems that I have carried this tumor with me since birth and climbed with it over the years. It was with me on Everest. As they removed the tumor, it burst, spilling a pint of fluid outside instead of in my lungs. I was sparred from a pulmonary edema that while on the Everest, would have been fatal.

I enjoy with what eyes I see the world today!


SherpaSherpa by Mingma Sherpa & Francois

On my most recent visit to Nepal, I have arranged with my friend and ''Little Brother'' Mingma to sponsor two children; a boy and a girl, who lost their chance at a bright future when their fathers died in mountain climbing accidents in Nepal, guiding clients. The children's mothers no longer had the money to send their kids to school. So we stepped in! Second Chance! We will be paying their schooling until they graduate!!! $350 a year per child, ONLY! Can you imagine how pleased we are to changed their lives! Here are their stories as how Mingma describes it...

If you are also interested in sponsoring a child through education, do let me know and rest assured that 100% of your $$ will go right to the source, the child education! No where else!


Little boy: his name is Nawang Samdup Sherpa,he is 2 years old,he is from Dingboche but now they live in kathmandu because they don't have house in there., his father pass away on 2007 October on Ama Dablam by avalanche ,at moment his mother have small tea shop,and i will talk to his mother so when i got the money i will admit him in school and let you know all about school.

Little girl: her name is Rinchen Lhamu Sherpa, She is 5years old and she is in Pangboche,she live in Pangboche so far she did not went to school because her mother can not pay for the school ,Her father pass on Pumori on 2007 ,and when i get the money for her i will talk to her mother to send to school too,at first for her to send to Khumjung School because it will be much better for her so she can learn some in Khumjung School then in future we will see what we can do.

Fondation Centre de cancérologie Charles-Bruneau

(affiliated with the Sainte Justine Hospital for Children ): I am going back to Kilimanjaro with 30 other climbers in 2008 . Together we will live our dreams, while helping to make the dreams of children with leukemia come true, to be able to grow up! Here are two of our children: Félix and Nycolanne!

  Felix Nycolanne Emilie Xavier Guillaume

Child Haven International

Although the organizations I support during my charity expeditions are based in Canada, I also make it a point to support local charities of the countries we visit. I often invite my group members, prior to our adventure, to visit a local orphanage or Foundation. The Founders of Childhaven are in fact based in Canada, and they have done amazing things for Children in underdeveloped countries. Do look at their website and you will read a great story and you will see that they use the donations wisely!!! One of their Children's home is in Kathmandu, Nepal.

My most recent project was to fill up a truck with RICE and feed the 97 children under Child Haven's care for a whole year. When the Nepalese Rice distributor found out why I was buying the rice, he then decided to only charge me a mere $10 Rupees ( 0.14 cents!!!) profit over the cost per bag of Rice, Can you imagine! And then he proceeded to lend me his own truck for free to deliver the Rice to Child Haven. It's amazing how everyone wants to participate in a good cause. Good deeds breads good deeds!

  Children Child Haven Child Haven Child Haven Child Haven Child Haven Child Haven

The Montreal Children’s Hospital

My story is one many stories that occur inside the walls of these wonderful children institutions. They placed my story as the forward to the their book : 100 years of stories at the MCH. I was their client many many years ago!

  MCH Cover MCH Page 1 MCH Page 2

The Make-A-Wish Foundation

It is the world’s largest children’s foundation, operating in over 32 countries. They have granted over 160,000 wishes to date. I helped prepare 29 climbers and together we ALL reached the top of Africa’s hghest peak; Mount Kilimanjaro. Not only was it a 100% success rate, but we nearly doubled the objectif and raised $300,000. That means 40 wishes have come true for children with life threatening diseases. Here are few photos of wishes we granted: Thalya’s story particularly touched me. At 5 years old and suffering from spinal amytotrophia, she got her wish to swim with the dolphins. Thalya passed away a few weeks later.

  Thalya Thalya Thalya April Max & Hulk

World Vision

I sponsor a child in each of the countries of the seven summits I climb. Here are of two them: Seema Barai from Nepal, Sirere Leeo from Kenya. My monthly contributions puts food on their plate and lets them go to school.

  Sirere Leeo Seema Barai Seema Barai 2006 Seema Barai 4th year Sierre Leeo 4th year
Outdoor Children's Fundraising event

One great story I am proud and enjoy sharing; during my Everest presentations at a few schools, we gave the students a challenge: if they would raise money for sick children, I would go climbing with them! Not only did these children rise to the challenge, but they managed to raise $12,000. Kids helping Kids! What greater inspiration! Well, 300 students (7 school buses!), I and a several volunteers went to climb the Laurentians third highest peak: Mount Kaaïkop. It was a fantastic day!

  mont Kaaïkop mont Kaaïkop mont Kaaïkop mont Kaaïkop mont Kaaïkop mont Kaaïkop mont Kaaïkop mont Kaaïkop mont Kaaïkop mont Kaaïkop

Asia's Hope Foundation

I am very proud to be sponsoring Parichat Saepa and Suriya Seapha who have been saved by the Asia's Hope Foundation. I am quite touched by this Foundation, their vocation and how they are doing it right!

Asia’s Hope is a multi-denominational, grassroots movement working in Cambodia, Thailand and India to provide quality long-term care for orphaned children at high risk of sexual and economic exploitation.

Each child living at an Asia’s Hope orphan home receives all the benefits of a loving family: shelter, acceptance, medical care, an education, life skills training and most importantly, the transforming power of hope.

  Parichat SaepaParichat SaepaParichat Saepa
Suriya SeaphaSuriya SeaphaSuriya Seapha